Mask Installation

Full Mask Installation

Figure 1: The Full Mask has 2 layers (First Layer Being The HoodBonnet Portion Cover, Second Layer Being The Front Nose/Bumper Cover). You Will Fit The Hood/ Bonnet Portion of the Mask as in the Photo Placing the Nose/ Bumper Cover on top of the hood.
Figure 2: There Will be Elastic Straps you will hook toward the windshield of the vehicle. Strap snug but not too tight, also adjust the mask if needed and close the hood.
Figure 3: After the Hood is Closed, pull the Second Layer (Nose/ Bumper Cover) Over The Front End of the Vehicle.
Figure 4:There are Flaps (also known as Ears) on the sides of the Front End Cover to which you will Bend into the wheel-well while stretching the mask to the correct positioning (Make sure all fog lights and grill mesh line up).

The Mask is installed and should sit snug on the vehicle.